Hi there. When I first started to post comments on atheist websites I needed an anonymous pseudonym and so to reflect my naivety on the subject I chose the name "Rookie Atheist". I quite like the name, so despite having learned a lot about the subject and no longer being a true rookie, I'll stick with it. This blog is my personal space for gathering my random thoughts and musings.

I grew up in a small Catholic household in a largely Catholic country. My parents are both devout Catholics, but my mother is actually beyond being devout: she's a fundamentalist in every sense of the word. I grew up with a love for science, spurred on by my interest in astronomy and space travel (thank you NASA!). So I became a scientist (go physics!) and traveled the world a bit. It was actually more the meeting of different people with different backgrounds and religions that put me on the path to atheism more than anything else. If I had remained at home and close to my parents, then I fear that I may have ended up as one of those apologetic scientists that thinks both science and religion are compatible (nope, they're not).

Anyway, I'm an atheist now (woohoo!), but one that feels he has to remain in the closet for the time being (bummer!).

Thank you for dropping by, and feel free to leave some comments or send me a mail.

Rookie Atheist


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